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Arbiter Complete Pack

A collection of all plugins on the store!
1 661,72 ₽


A simple plugin that adds the ability for Ghost and EOW Units to cloak.
276,72 ₽

Combine Command

A simple command for players to issue commands to Combine NPCs.
138,22 ₽

I.D. Locked Weapons

This plugin fixes the age old problem of newbie brigades assaulting lone MPF Units with their fists for weapons by removing the incentive.
249,02 ₽

Deployable Manhacks

Adds a Manhack swep that allows combine to deploy manhacks into the air.
110,52 ₽

Citizen ID Cards

This plugin adds Cards for Citizens that display their name and CID number.
332,12 ₽

Combine Cameras

Adds the ability to see through the eyes of a Combine Camera NPC.
276,72 ₽

Metropolice Uniforms

These uniforms allow a citizen character to suit up and be just like an ordinary MPF Unit.
415,22 ₽