Metropolice Uniforms

These uniforms allow a citizen character to suit up and be just like an ordinary MPF Unit.

The Metropolice Uniforms plugin adds MPF Uniforms that on equip, will set the player as an MPF Unit. To be more specific, the item will set the character's name to an MPF Name, using their CID as Unit Digits; they're class will be set to "Civil Protection'; they'll get the complete MPF HUD complete with the overlay; their name in OOC will change to blue; and they'll have access to voice commands. Further more, once the suit is removed, the character goes back to a normal citizen as they were before putting on the suit.


So. Lets say you wish to make all MPF Just be citizens with suit items. How, might you ask, can you promote them? Set their Division? Or even demote them? Well simple. You see, there are several commands added by the plugin that allow high ranked MPF to Promote/Demote/Set Division of units in a suit! Here's how the commands work..

/Promote <Name> <OPTIONAL Override Rank> | When used, promote will move the character to the next rank up (RCT > 05, ect) Or, you can add a rank after the unit's name in the command and you'll be able to set their rank to anything you want. (Or even set it to a custom rank not recognized by the plugin!)


/Demote <Name> <OPTIONAL Override Rank> | This one is just like promote, except in reverse.


/SetDivision <Name> <Division> | To set a character's division, just enter the name, followed by what division you want to put the player into. If you wish to remove them from a division, just don't put anything for a division.

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