Combine Cameras

Adds the ability to see through the eyes of a Combine Camera NPC.

The Combine Cameras plugin adds a system for viewing through the eyes of a Camera NPC, all combine cameras can be viewed through a Terminal Entity added by the plugin. Cameras are listed in a context menu when you use the terminal, the name of the camera on the list corresponds corresponds to the 'NPC Name' of the camera. (This can be set by default in Clockwork with /NPCNameAdd), if an NPC doesn't have an NPC name, it auto makes a 'Combine Sounding' name to display on the list. (Useful for maps that spawn cameras by default.)


In the new version (Combine Cameras 2.0) you can spawn a camera that's not connected to an NPC. To do this, use the /CameraAdd <Name> command. This will add a camera that is invisible to players (It can only be seen by admins in observer with the admin ESP on) and will be viewable from a camera terminal as with other cameras. The name you set will be how the camera shows up on the terminal. Example: /CameraAdd "Sector 04"

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